Property Maintenance

A well-maintained property retains its market value and Key Biscayne Services is available to care for your property and keep it well-maintained.

Residential Property Maintenance

Our property maintenance services include a wide range of responsibilities and requests.  We schedule and manage landscaping, pool, plumbing, electrical, roofing, appliance and HVAC systems services and repairs, pest control, and cleaning and painting services.

We recommend implementing routine maintenance and preventive service initiatives to keep your property fully functional and operating in its best condition and we’re prepared to help you ensure your property is maintained in optimal condition.

Commercial Property Maintenance

Whether you have a small office or a high-rise corporate facility, you can trust our experienced professionals to complete each task efficiently from start to finish.  Backed by credentials and knowledge, our service providers are ideal for every job, both large and small.

Key Biscayne Services will set up a scheduled maintenance program to ensure that your establishment looks its best at all times.  Work can be scheduled after hours so your normal business day is not interrupted.

For information about business or facility maintenance contracts, please email your request to: